Nail Trends: Coffin Nails

coffin nail trend

Nail Trends: Coffin Nails

Looking for what will likely be 2016’s hottest nail trends? Coffin Nails!

hottest nail trend of 2016 - coffin nails

Chances are good that if you follow beauty and nail art trends, you’ve heard of a hot new style called coffin nails. While that name might evoke some spooky Halloween nail art, the truth is that the hot style is actually named after the shape of the item itself rather than the artistry behind it. Therefore, what’s trending isn’t just some basic nails with coffins painted on them- the hot style is coffin shaped nails.

What does that mean, you may be wondering? You’ve almost certainly seen nails with standard round tips, flat tips and the sharp, pointed claws that were hot for a while. Coffin shaped nails have a similar shape to rounded tips, but they are longer, and they graduate inward slightly more as the nail reaches the tip. Instead of having a rounded tip, the nail then has an abrupt flat tip with gently softened corners. The finished shape mimics that of a coffin, which is how the style earned the name coffin nails.

If you’re wondering how anyone could manage to grow their nails long enough to tackle this style, don’t worry. Most of the people sporting the new trend are wearing artificial nails. A trusted nail professional can guide you through the process of choosing coffin nails in a length that will work for you. Choosing nails that are too long when you work with your hands can be a real problem, and it is certainly possible to mimic the tip shape on a slightly shorter nail.

All kinds of colors, art styles and designs have been seen on TV and in magazines to show off all the looks coffin shaped nails have to offer. The style can easily be done in a way that reflects your look and your needs. Sheer nude with a light sparkle can be a perfect look for someone who works in business and needs to look professional, but wants to add some style to their ensemble. Those with more freedom to play can choose bright colors, rhinestones, metallic overlays and fun patterns to make the new nail shape trend their own.

What do you think if this enchanting and slightly wicked trend? 😉

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