Lisa Eldridge’s Intriguing History of Makeup

5000 years of Makeup History

Lisa Eldridge’s Intriguing History of Makeup

Lisa Eldridge is a Youtube makeup ninja with a massive following of devoted fans who listen to everything she has to say about cosmetics. The highly respected professional makeup artist recently uploaded a fascinating video clip that detailed the history of makeup. The intriguing clip lasted for over six minutes and showcased makeup practices that were commonplace from as far back in history as 5,000 years ago. People who would like to learn about the history of makeup starting with the ancient Egyptians are sure to find this video clip absolutely mesmerizing.

The clip started with makeup styles in ancient Egypt and then closed with those of the modern day. Not only did the video clip display actual makeup styles, but it also discussed in detail how they’ve shifted with the passing of time. It even went into how the public’s attitude toward makeup has gradually changed within each time period.

Eldridge got her point across in the clip by demonstrating the makeup styles of each historic era she mentioned, allowing people to truly understand the makeup techniques she was covering. The video was packed with historic commentary that truly made everything come alive.

Fans of Eldridge won’t be shocked by this clip. The makeup maven is constantly coming up with fresh new ways to teach her audience about makeup. Her book “Face Paint: The Story of Makeup” also was just released to the public. The makeup artist’s pure dedication to cosmetics is apparent in practically everything she does, and this latest makeup history video clip is certainly no exception.

Not only is her video highly informative and helpful, but it’s also really great for people who are thinking about Halloween costumes and styles. Ancient Egyptian makeup techniques can help complete any amazing Cleopatra look! 😉

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